Connect The Circle

True art is defined by the difference between stealing and copying, and that is something Connect The Circle are well aware of. When you play their debut album «This Is Madness» it will make you nod your head in recognition, but at the same time you can rest asure that you’ve never heard a band that sounds like Connect The Circle.

Heavy metal with a progressive edge is combined with melodic and distinctive vocals, and some melodies are dangerous in the sense that they might spin on repeat in your head while you try to sleep at night, and give you a hard time getting up in the morning.


A Simple Story....

"Connect The Circle" is a metalband from Norway that recently released their debutalbum: "This Is Madness"! Their music is a mixture of every subgenre inside the world of rock & metal. Soaring, twisted and beautiful vocal-melodies combined with everything from the dark and groovy to some fast and happy riffs, spiced with a tiny touch of progressive elements.

Connect The Circle`s main goal is to write music without any boundaries within the genre of metal. Quote: "We write music we like ourselves... that`s it! We dont care if it`s glam, death, power or plain heavy metal etc, we just want to have fun performing our own songs".

The band was formed in 2018 when their singer, Arild Fevang, joined a nameless trio consisting of Raymond Smith, Kenneth Brastad & Robert William. Suddenly "Connect The Circle" was born! They wrote several songs during a short period of time, and in 2019 they entered Norsk Lydstudio AS and recorded their first single "Black Feathers"! This single was released late 2019 and their second single, "Burn The Sky", was released just a few weeks later.

2020! Everything was planned! The single "The King Is Dead", their debutalbum "This Is Madness", a mini-tour with several gigs all over Norway, plans to...Fuck...Covid19... it was released about a month after "This Is Madness", and suddenly every show and all the plans was cancelled.

So, what is happening in 2021? We are recording a new album! 

Connect The Circle Is:

Arild Fevang - Vocals

Kenneth Brastad - Guitars

Raymond Smith - Bass

Robert William - Drums

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