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«In just under fifty minutes this band delivers an extremely varied album without being boring for a single moment. This album is highly recommended!»

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«Songs like «Mother Of Evil» and «1519» is likely to become some of the strongest examples of Norwegian, classic progmetal in 2022»

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"There's a lot of classical understanding here, and a little pinch of Dream Theater, but heck, if DT had this guy behind the microphone, I probably would have been a bigger fan of Dream Theater." 8/10

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«Connect The Circle has a sound that is unique. Paradoxically, each new play points at different influences in there too but it is nothing definite, rather, it is more organic and changes depending upon your mood. It is melodic and harmonious and at time ethereal but always with an incessant beat that drives everything forward. A confusing description I appreciate but this is a band you just have to listen to and then you will make up your own mind. Arild Fevang supplies emotional vocals in perfect English and he has a very classical sounding voice that is wonderfully restrained and he helps to give much of the bands individual sound and he is ably supported by the rest of the guys as everything is played with restraint and control so that it is rock music but not wailing guitars or huge riff after riff, just simply drums, bass and guitar working in harmony to give a near perfect example of synchronicity. If you want straight forward rock ‘n’ roll then there are many, many bands out there to provide your fix but if you want something that is challenging and ultimately fulfilling then Connect The Circle is the band for you.»

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«By Odin, even today the Vikings are not to be underestimated! We got our Norwegian company's debut here in advance, and a first listen quickly became a second and before we knew it, "This is madness" could do its thing several times a week via our media player. The gentlemen bring nice melodic metal to the audience. The man who immediately walks with the most attention is singer Arild Fevang, who has a beautiful, pure voice. His fellow musicians also give the best of themselves, excellent and very strong guitar work, thundering drums. Nowhere, but nowhere do we actually have anything to notice. If you can present something this strong as a debut, then you set the bar high, very high for a possible successor.»

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«Arild Fevang is a vocalist of some considerable talent who wraps his vocal chords around the melodies, and in the case of «In My Darkest Hour» reveals an almost melodic rock tone to his vocal on this almost a ballad. There are some excellent guitar breaks from Kenneth Brastad, while bassist Raymond Smith kicks the proverbial throughout. A very good debut by a talented band who should go on your ones to watch list»

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«The debut album of this Norwegian band sounds familiar and yet it is not; it has its own twist. The band led by vocalist Arild Fevang, for example, knows how to make a very clear link in certain songs to the better work of Ronnie James Dio.  The riffs and vocals are solid and give body to the songs. «The Jester» has a compact chunk of music, riffs, solos and strong drum and bass work. The aforementioned comparison with Dio can be heard excellently in the ballad «In My Darkest Hour», in which subtle guitar playing forms a harmonious whole with the vocals of Fevang. When the last song «United States Of Oppression» is finished, a feeling of satisfaction remains. This is an excellent album by an excellent band. And there is certainly a feeling of wanting more, more, more.»

Rock Tribune (This Is Madness)

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«This foursome brings catchy melodic metal. Nothing special in itself, but it is mainly the vocals of Arild Fevang that provide added value! The man has a firm voice, pure and very melodic. The vocals will certainly not be for everyone, but we ourselves are quite affected by it. The picture is correct in all areas. Songs with head and tail, beautiful guitar work, excellent drumming and a singer who does his thing with a lot of feeling!»

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«The song «In My Darkest Hour» is very strong and reveals a great singer. The band are having fun in a progressive landscape. A song like «The Jester» stays with you, and you might catch yourself in humming along if you listen enough. There are some really great vocalmelodies here, and Connect The Circle has managed to create refreshing choruses and hooks in the metal. The music is a balanced experience between something epic, beautiful and melodic. There is a lot of warmth here, from both the singer and the musicians. When they are at their best, they are just as great and exiting to listen to as the greatest and biggest bands out there.»

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«It’s if Malevolent Creation, Nevermore and Megadeth got together and made a big baby! «In My Darkest Hour» definitely introduces a unique soundscape.»

Musika (This Is Madness)

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«This Is Madness» only counts eight songs, but each of them ensures that your attention does not escape anywhere. Well, we get the idea of having heard it all before, but whenever we want to put our finger on it, Connect The Circle slips on a slightly different side. Still, we have to admit that a band like Dio is a great source of inspiration. So powerful songs, but with a lot of attention to melody. And no, this album is not as impressive as 'Holy Diver', for example, but we suspect that the gentlemen will soon be finishing an assignment of that level.»