Update 06.27.21

What`s happening?

Well, first of all...we`ve finished recording our second album! It has been mixed by Peter Michelsen (Donkeyboy) and it`s currently being mastered by Tom Kvålsvoll (1349, Aura Noir, Emperor, Madder Mortem++). It will be released in the fall of 2021, and this time around we are happy to announce that this album will be released on both CD & LP/Vinyl! And digitally on spotify, iTunes, youtube etc. of course. Again there`s some brilliant artwork by Sine Marie that we will share with you in a not too distant future.

There is now a complete line-up regarding Winter Metal Fest 2022! There will be 4 stages, and on saturday we`ll be the first band to fire up the "Heavy Metal Stage"! The complete line-up is:  Connect The Circle, Frozen Crown, Shakra, Ammunition, Civil War, Tungsten, Ignea, Custom, Victorius, Snake Bite Whiskey, Notörious, Nicoletta Rossilini, Mister Misery, Kalidia, Mystic Prophecy, Metalite, Crest Of Darkness, Evilon, Headsic, Konvent, Keiser & Messier16..... 2 days, 4 stages & 21 bands from all over Europe (and Australia)! More info : https://www.oslohardrockfestival.no/line-up-2022 (check out our "links" section). This is gonna be one helluva fest!!

We are looking forward to share some of our new music, and we can`t wait to get back on the stage again!



We are currently working on our follow-up to "This Is Madness"! All the pre-production demos has been recorded and we are ready to enter Norsk Lydstudio! Once again we`ll be working together with our good ol` friend Peter Michelsen (Donkeyboy) as our main engineer! We`ll enter the studio in late march to record all the drums. Robert William (picture) is, as you can see, currently wanki...ehrm...working very hard!


                         CONFIRMED!                                      WINTER METAL FESTIVAL              28-29. January 2022!

Bands confirmed/announced so far are: CIVIL WAR (Sweden), VICTORIOUS (Germany), FROZEN CROWN (Italy) & SHAKRA (Switzerland)

Illuminated Concert Crowd

A new online shoppingsite in Norway!

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Our album is finally available on CD! It`s a limited digipak edition, only 100 pcs! Only 9,5€!!! (+shipping). Order it NOW!

 Order your copy by using:


What`s happening?

October 22, 2020

Not much has happened, except that we have been able to get this website up and running :D Here we can finally share all of our merchandise with you and the rest of our fans! Here (the news section) we will share everything that is happening from now on!

We ARE active regarding the pre-production of a brand new album! The covid19 situation totally strangled the planned promo-tour for our album "This Is Madness" earlier this year, but it also forced the bandmembers to become more creative during the lockdown! 

All kinds of info, photos & videoes will be shared here as soon as possible!

Cheers! CTC

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