We are proud to announce that a limited first edition of our critically acclaimed album «Mother Of Evil» is now available on vinyl!


Live video available on YouTube

"Døra For Andre Festivalen" Horten, Norway 28.05.22


Connect The Circle live in Horten, Norway!

After several months... allmost a year of silence, Connect The Circle is finally ready to play live again, and this time we`ll enter the stage as one of the headliners @ "Døra For Andre festivalen" in Horten (Norway) this upcoming saturday! (28th of May)

This is a non-profit charity festival and we`ll be sharing the stage with several musicians and bands from several different genres.

As the final band we`ll enter the stage at 22.00! See you there!


Connect The Circle New Album Fundraiser/PayPal!

Dear fans of Connect The Circle!

If you enjoy our music and would like to a part of our journey, here’s your chance to help us take the next step forward! We thank each and everyone of you in advance from the bottom of our artistic hearts!!



On the Guest DJ Show this Friday Kenneth will play 10 of his favorite Metal tracks. You are in for a treat! After the show Metal Express Radio will play a bunch of tracks by Connect The Circle.

The Friday Guest DJ Hour Show airs at the following times:
15:00 and 21:00 Central Europe
9:00 am and 3:00 pm US East Coast
6:00 am and 12:00 pm US West Coast



A letter from the King Of Norway!

We are very honored by recieving this letter in whitch King Harald V of Norway sends his thank you, regarding the song "When The King Cried".

The song is inspired by the moment when the King burst into tears during the memorial service for the Utøya victims in 2011.

The fact that His Majesty finds it in his heart to say thank you to us, when all we wanted to do was to thank him, says a lot about what a great King he is, but also what a great country Norway really is! 

HM Kongen.jpg


And on the 8th day, God created rock & roll! That`s what Kiss said back in 83`. And on the 8th day of January, Mother Of Evil was finally released on digital platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, YouTube etc. Enjoy!


Mother Of Evil - Digital release

Unfortunately the digital release of "Mother Of Evil" has yet again been delayed. The reason is out of our hands and all we can do is to wait...The only thing we know for sure is that it won`t be released this year... There is still a ltd.ed-hardcopy available, but the official release of the album will be early 2022.


Winter Metal fest cancelled!!!

Due to Covid19/Omikron and the new restrictions in Norway the festival has been cancelled.



Photo: Stig Pallesen


It`s here! But only available as a hard-copy/CD!

For a short while the album "Mother Of Evil" will only be available on CD. The album will also be released digitally on spotify, iTunes, tidal etc. but if you want to have a listen now? If you want to order the album you can send us an email (connectthecircleofficial@gmail.com) or PM us on facebook (www.facebook.com/connectthecircle).


Mother Of Evil - Shipment delay!

We just recieved a message that there is a delay regarding the shipment of our new album. Expected arrival is Monday 22.11.2021. We will start shipping the pre-orders ASAP! 

Thank you for your patience.


Raymond Smith has left CTC

Our good frend and now former bassplayer, Raymond Smith, has left Connect The Circle. Ray left the band to proceed other intrests like scuba diving & radio. We parted ways as friends and wish him all the best of luck in the future!
Cheerz from Kenneth, Arild & Robert


Connect The Circle finally on TikTok!

For the first time we are available on TikTok! And YOU can become one of our first fans to follow us! Use the link below:



PRE-ORDER MOTHER OF EVIL NOW!!!The brand new Connect The Circle album will be released on a 6 page digi-pack CD, and you can be the first to hear the album by ordering it now!

If you live in Norway all you have to do is to Vipps 190,- to 95 27 64 21 or transfer 190,- to bank account 1224.59.04521 and it will be sent to you by mail.

If you live close to Tønsberg, Vinnes/Drammen or Øvre Eiker you can pick it up for 150,-

For the rest of the world the price is 23 Euro and that can be transferred to bank account 1225.59.04521 by using IBAN NO23 1225 5904 521 and BIC/SWIFT DNBANOKKXXX Remember to leave your name and address

We will start shipping in about two weeks from now (25.10.21), and we deeply appreciate every order!

Coverart by Sine Marie Brastad



The preview lyric video of the song "34 Million-Mile-Mission" will only be available at Youtube. 

Coverart by Sine Marie Brastad


Our new song"1519" is available on the sampler CD "Hellspawn IV" in Belgium!

The most heavy and epic track from our upcoming album will be available if you buy Rock Tribune Magazine in Belgium on a free included sampler CD called "Hellspawn IV"! (Check out www.hellspawn.be or use the link)


Update 27.06.21

What`s happening?

Well, first of all...we`ve finished recording our second album! It has been mixed by Peter Michelsen (Donkeyboy) and it`s currently being mastered by Tom Kvålsvoll (1349, Aura Noir, Emperor, Madder Mortem++). It will be released in the fall of 2021, and this time around we are happy to announce that this album will be released on both CD & LP/Vinyl! And digitally on spotify, iTunes, youtube etc. of course. Again there`s some brilliant artwork by Sine Marie that we will share with you in a not too distant future.

There is now a complete line-up regarding Winter Metal Fest 2022! There will be 4 stages, and on saturday we`ll be the first band to fire up the "Heavy Metal Stage"! The complete line-up is:  Connect The Circle, Frozen Crown, Shakra, Ammunition, Civil War, Tungsten, Ignea, Custom, Victorius, Snake Bite Whiskey, Notörious, Nicoletta Rossilini, Mister Misery, Kalidia, Mystic Prophecy, Metalite, Crest Of Darkness, Evilon, Headsic, Konvent, Keiser & Messier16..... 2 days, 4 stages & 21 bands from all over Europe (and Australia)! More info : https://www.oslohardrockfestival.no/line-up-2022 (check out our "links" section). This is gonna be one helluva fest!!

We are looking forward to share some of our new music, and we can`t wait to get back on the stage again!



We are currently working on our follow-up to "This Is Madness"! All the pre-production demos has been recorded and we are ready to enter Norsk Lydstudio! Once again we`ll be working together with our good ol` friend Peter Michelsen (Donkeyboy) as our main engineer! We`ll enter the studio in late march to record all the drums. Robert William (picture) is, as you can see, currently wanki...ehrm...working very hard!


                         CONFIRMED! WINTER METAL FESTIVAL 28-29. January 2022!

Bands confirmed/announced so far are: CIVIL WAR (Sweden), VICTORIOUS (Germany), FROZEN CROWN (Italy) & SHAKRA (Switzerland)


A new online shoppingsite in Norway!

(30.10.2020) 15% off the next 13 days!! Hurry hurry! Check out "Merchandise" or click the button below!



Our album is finally available on CD! It`s a limited digipak edition, only 100 pcs! For a short period of time: Only 9,5€!!! (+shipping). Order it NOW!

 Order your copy by using:


What`s happening?

October 22, 2020

Not much has happened, except that we have been able to get this website up and running :D Here we can finally share all of our merchandise with you and the rest of our fans! Here (the news section) we will share everything that is happening from now on!

We ARE active regarding the pre-production of a brand new album! The covid19 situation totally strangled the planned promo-tour for our album "This Is Madness" earlier this year, but it also forced the bandmembers to become more creative during the lockdown! 

All kinds of info, photos & videoes will be shared here as soon as possible!

Cheers! CTC

2020-10-21 (25).png